Wednesday, October 22, 2014


The journey lasted, with so many cheers ,
Now I get ready, for some more years ! .

Another day looking for something new ,
Heading to work for a brand new view ,

Whatever I do, it's all my choice,
Inside my mind, there is a voice.

During the days , there is no time to blink ,
And in the twilight, there is so much to think .

Yeah sure , some days were filled with S$it,
But I surely saw the end of it ,
and laughed a bit ! .

And above all , we did learn,
To Love thy neighbor and show some concern .

Its just another day ,
To face the good and bad roll in the hay ,
And fight hard for good all the way ! .

Oh Dear Oracle ,
Talking to you everyday was simply a pleasure,
Our growing friendship, will always be a treasure.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


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Give me some sunshine .
Love me as if you are all mine.

Let your light fall on this soil,
For today , I will again remain loyal .

Through the silence when my thoughts are bitter ,
My tears roll down in glitter .

I am not in the league of nobles ,
But being imperfect , will always be my life's paddles.

I express everything with my tail ,
No no no , I'm definitely not for sale .

Show me your hypnotic vibrant smiles,
Make me surrender to your wicked wiles .

Hug me as my mom ,
Bless my soul to return to its calm .

Give me a warmth start ,
As I exuberate love through my heart .

Give me some sunshine .
Give me a ray ,
Just Give me another day ,
So that I can love life once again ...

~ Vicky
Dated : 10th Feb 2013

Friday, October 26, 2012


                                Place : Boston Central Park , Dated : Oct 13 2012

Lets go travel just you and me ,
To let go off our thoughts sailing free.

Lets go travel with a book and a pen ,
To write about children, women and men.

Lets go travel towards the friendly lee ,
To understand the "We" in You and Me .

Lets see the hidden love , hate and its cinders,
To realize the beauty of its linen wonders .

In Asia , Europe or America ,
All the people - Green , black  and brown
Have the sensitive touch on the crown .

And all that something new is always the same old ,
As Love is always up their sleeve as a gold ,
Cautiously hidden in multiple folds.

Lets go travel just you and me ,
Holding hands with the Silence thee ...
For it never lets you go ,
because it loves you so .....

~ Vicky

Thursday, October 4, 2012

నిన్నటి అడుగులు !

వేసే ప్రతి అడుగు లో , తీసే ప్రతి శ్వాస లో నీ జ్ఞాపకం .
తరుముతున్న గతం లో , చెరిగిన నా అడుగులో  నీ  జ్ఞాపకం
కనుపించని గమ్యం లో , వెంటాడే నీడల్లో  నీ  జ్ఞాపకం .
నిలువెత్తు నీ జ్ఞాపకం లో నిలిచిపోన ఈ జన్మంతా ? .
పరుగేతే కాలం లో కరిగిపోనా ఈ బ్రతుకంతా ? .

- విక్కీ

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Tidbits : I have decided . I have decided to sink in everything from morning to evening . From Sunrise to Sunset , From Hushing of the waves to Cool Breezes , From the pitch darkness in the night , to those spotlights in the sky specially planted by nature to hypnotize sloshed bay watchers . To enjoy everything you hear and feel good about , just like the life you live before your machine is pulled into the cockpit .

That day my friend Shiv was calling me " I beg you , I will catch your legs , the sun is blazing , its cool under the shacks , please come there " . I said " I will stay here " . He left and came back again after sometime , " Please , will you come now ? . I have my marriage in 20 days , I don't want to look dark with a tan ". I replied " I don't want you to be here , You go , I will join you later " . He grinned and walked back . I felt bad , I had to disappoint my bachelor boy , After all I'm here for him but then I know how to make him happy later :) . I was lying down sipping with whatever I ordered .

My relationship with little things around us - rain , sunrise , sunset , snow , breeze , etc was rather promiscuous until my stint with HCL ended , where 18 odd hours of internet-less slogging for almost 5 years made me so mechanical that I lost track of my own life , and the Eco-system I live in . The connection to the universe is lost and to a certain extent to the people around me . And I along with others believed I am so unsocial . I never even used to speak to any girl even for that matter if I had a sisterly feeling towards her . Now ? . I walk up to someone in office with the same abbess feeling and say " Wassup Chechi ? " . It is actually that simple . This is one of the reasons people in HCL perceive me completely differently today ( Thanks to FB ) because they haven't seen the other side of me . Not their problem , I myself took time to show up and I am not quite there yet .

Not many know the exact meaning of the operating system word "Ubuntu" . It means "I am what I am because of who we all are " . Well , it needs that extra effort for you to look beyond the walls . The onus is on us . Those walls tell you every second , " Why do you want to break the status quo , Sinner ? " . There are walls of society , the walls of definitions of happiness , the walls of reputation , the walls of expectations , the walls of everyone but YOU .

My sipping continued under the scorching sun . I had thoughts on various topics running through , which I am not going to tell and bore you ( Some other day :) ) . The day was coming to an end , and the moment arrived , the golden channel appeared . With the gold foil pathway on the sea ,the rituals in the nature started . I was not sloshed at all but I was completely high . I desperately needed a piece of paper to write , something to scribble down. I looked all over and then I looked at Shiv , he said I can give you a paper , you get yourself a pen , I will not help you . He understood me well :D . I dint wanted to deviate my mood , stopped my search , I went closer to it , locked my eyes upon it . Lines kept coming to my head and this is what it happened ...

Its time to write ,

Because the time is right .

In Awe of the Golden Gate harbinger you opened ,
I walk closer to you taking one step at a time ,
You add a whirly wavey Spin ,
And your watery warriors don't let me in ....

My Weary feet rest at the edge , watching the deepening hues .
My soul asks " Now what , What is your role ? " .
I answered " Just to look at it on the whole " .

I looked at the Colorful Crimson ,
and the glistening Gold .
How do I describe it ? .

I envy the warmth welcome the sea gives you .
Is it because its proud of your job to the Mother Earth ?.
Is it because you feed the hungry Girth ?.

While the magic moment unfolds ,
The logic in our heads blindfolds .

Lovers hold their hands ,
And you trigger their romance .
The birds chirp in flight ,
Signalling the arrival of the night .
And In the Candle's light ,
When your hearts and souls are in entwine ,
The sea closes the line .

The secrets are passed within .
The gossips spreads and the tides treads .
The waves tiptoes , touches and winks,
and leaves me in Kinks ...

Why is that you paint the sky with bright colors at good bye ?.
Why is that you hold your secrets so high ?
I want to walk with you through that divine ply,
Till then I will spy ...
I will spy ......
I will spy ....

To the Beauty of Sunset , Cheers ! - Vicky ! .

Saturday, March 31, 2012


Prelude : Yes , I am a total failure now a days , I am so irregular in blogging . Something which is been bugging me for quite some time now . Reasons are many , but its a shame to share them . Its simple - I failed . Period. The reason I wanted to feature my first movie review on my blog is I failed to write 10 lines review for this and I needed more space . Also me visiting here again would give a hope of writing something regularly.

'3' : When 'Kolaveri di' released , with all the hype , i thought it will kill the movie irrespective of what it's gonna be. I was banking on the hype which I thought would kill the movie and more than that , the expectations from SUPERSTAR Rajnikanth's daughter and multi talented Kamal Hassan's daughter . Dhanush is in his own league after that national award and hence I thought the image would definitely come in the way . I stopped following anything about this movie just because of kolaveri irritation . Couple of days back , i came across the trailer on youtube and I clicked on play , suddenly my view on it changed ( Whoever did the trailer cuts did an excellent job ) . I thought may be... . I was wrong .

Jumping in - I always wanted to hear love stories from a girl 1) Me being a guy don't get to hear much from the other fence 2) Heard too many stories from the directors of male dominant industry 3) Perception of love . My 3 reasons for hearing a different love story . '3' gave me those 3 reasons , but when I was not expecting .

Dhanush is the king of dark emotions . We have seen that enough of his brilliance in Kadhal Kondein , Pudhupettai and now Mayakkan enna . He again hits back in another meaty role . If in the current generation , an actor who could perform an entire lifetime of a person in a gradient scale , its undoubtedly him . If others claim then they are due to prove themselves . His role as +2 student , as a youngster with his love, and as someone through personal trauma was terrific . Few moments of brilliance will shock you . You would actually believe in his helplessness and his hunger for love . Its Something Kamal Hassan would have been proud of .

Shruthi Hassan's best till date but she was just there playing along with the role , which itself is commendable . She needs to throw off her US accent while speaking tamil , it's for only her good . Otherwise she was very good as a loving wife and girl friend .

Now coming to my lady of '3' reasons . What do you expect from a debutant ? . Nothing but 'hope' to see something fresh . Thats what she did . The maturity in her first work is class apart . What's different ? - Whats tough is to shoot adolescence scenes . You need to have the innocence captured and tell a matured story . She did it (***) . Its never easy to tell a story in close shots when every eye , every tear , every eye brow move , tells something before you express love ( Good job Shruthi ) . She did it . Start a love story in teens , take it to a marriage , make it through a ever expected ups and down's , break it with an unexpected twist and throw yourself into it and make u define what is love for you . How easy is that ? . She did it . Anyone would have 'tried' to show the most famous 'Kolaveri di' super cool . She kept it raw and with the story . Her work in romantic scenes as well as spine chilling psychological emotional moments are just awesome. And to wrap it up , pick the last 2 minutes of your movie . No one would have directed the same way if not for a lady ( Dhanush equally deserves a pat for those moments ) . It will stay with you for some time . '3' Cheers to you Aishwarya Rajnikanth. Both you and your husband killed it . Now take your promising steps forward in a new perspective and direction and show us what we were missing all these days.

I used to think tamil industry is obsessed with masochism , but then dark emotions comes only when it hurts very badly . I heard many people are relating to their loved one's after seeing the movie . Since i don't have one , I was just relating to the characters which itself was a bliss .

Music by Anirudh is good but BGM was extraordinary . 'Kola Bhaskar in Editing would have changed the fate of the movie in second half but he let too much of emotional moments ruin the pace of the movie .

Awesome debut , thrilling performance and curtain raiser to more women directors .

*** In this scene , not once you would see vulgarity , adolescence doesnt take over hormones and yet that immaturity in conversations is in tact . The Lovely lyrics 'Kanzhaga' and the execution stole my heart .

PS : Views expressed are my own and Im not recommending the movie , I told what I felt . A movie like Mayakkam enna is gold to me because it cuts rationalism and brings a different perspective to life . Movie is not just entertainment to me , OK go ahead and judge me .Im back to my peg . Cheers ! .

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Copyrights Statement : I do not claim the rights of the photograph used here .

I am trying to find a shadow ,
Not the one which you see ,
But the one I wanted to see .

I roam around to catch a glimpse of it ,
There are shadows and shadows everywhere .
Shadows of the past , Shadows of the lost ,
Shadows which move fast , Shadows which leave you in aghast .

There are shadows spreading in its own ways ,
The Shadows of Leaves on the flowers ,
Flowers on the Trees ,
Trees on the walls ,
And the walls on the Mother Earth .

But all I wanted to see is the shadow of my heart ,
The one which grows with time and stays in calm .
The one which is just fine and is all mine .

But with the darkness around , When will I see it ?
And when I see it , Will I see the shadow or the light which brought it ?

( Felt like scribbling something today , Random expressions , Randomly expressed )

-- Vicky